Episode #6 – What Not To Say To a Diabetic

What Not To Say To a Diabetic

In this week’s episode of the Just My Type podcast, co-hosts Sami and Dobie share ‘What Not To Say To a Diabetic’. Sami (type 1) and Dobie (type 2) understand the frustration of what it is like for individuals dealing with diabetes to hear numerous repetitive and skewed phrases based on ignorance. As much as the co-hosts feel for the loss of your grandparent due to diabetes, the two explain the frustrating and negative feelings these types of comments cause. I mean come on, use some common sense will ya? While uninformed comments are already made in the diabetes community, Dobie shares a segment discussing his discovery of the ‘diabetes underground market’ where test strips are sold and purchased through a mischievous and unidentified third party. Join Sami and Dobie in this conversation about the annoying, ignorant, and persistent comments they hear on a daily basis. This podcast is here to have fun, not make fun. C’est la vie, baby! 

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This episode of Just My Type is sponsored by The Diabetes App: a community platform for individuals living with all types of diabetes. 

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