Cinnamon & Diabetes

Cinnamon is a popular topic when discussing diabetes health, so Sami discusses with you about if cinnamon is good for diabetes, with potential recipe ideas too!

Dancing With Diabetes

Sami talks about dancing with diabetes! Dancing is a fun way to exercise, but is dancing great for diabetes? Learn about how does it affect blood sugar levels!

Diabetes & Anxiety

Sami Parker shares some of her best insights on you can maintain your mental health, and manage your anxiety, both when you are diagnosed, and during!

Diabetes Within Days

Sami Parker shares the emotions she felt when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012. From the fear of injections to acceptance, Sami has come a long way and aims to share her story to spread diabetes awareness.

Diabetic? Ditch the Fries

Comedian Dobie Maxwell is on the right path in his wellness journey with type 2 diabetes! Here he helps you make the right dietary decisions with your diabetes!

Dr. Diabetes Podcast Announcement!

Introducing the new Dr Diabetes podcast, featuring endocrinologist Dr Domenica Rubino & comedian Dobie Maxwell to talk about diabetes management in detail!

Meal Prep for Diabetics

Sami Parker gives out a sample diabetes meal plan that is healthy, nutritious, and delicious! These great choices range from avocado toast, to a burrito bowl!

Partying with Diabetes

Make sure that you are on top of your diabetes management when to go out partying! Learn how to both have fun and be safe when partying while having diabetes!

Staying Positive While Positive

Mental health is an important part of diabetes management! Dobie Maxwell shares some of his best advice for managing your mood, depression, anxiety, etc.

Three Frightening Words

Dobie Maxwell shares the emotions he felt when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011.

Traveling with Diabetes

Comedian Dobie Maxwell discusses what life is like traveling with type 2 diabetes, as well as the challenges that he has faced as a result of his diagnosis!

Type 2 Lifestyle Tips

Dobie Maxwell shares some of his personal health, wellness, & lifestyle tips & experiences that have helped him better manage his type 2 diabetes diagnosis!