Diabetic? Ditch the Fries

Dobie Maxwell

A typical conversation far too many times in my life:


Cashier– “May I take your order please?”


Dobie– “Um…yes…I’ll have…uh… a triple Greasy Burger ‘Yummy Meal’ please…”


Cashier-“Would you like cheese on that burger?”


Dobie– “Is the Pope Catholic?”


Cashier-“On all three patties?”


Dobie– “Father…Son…and Holy Ghost, AMEN!”


Cashier-“How about French fries?”


Dobie– “BINGO!”


Cashier-“We have the special ‘Cardio-killer biggie bag’ for only .25 more!”


Dobie– “How big is that?”


Cashier-“It’s five lbs. of potatoes deep fried, salted and dipped in 10w40 oil for an hour!”


Dobie– “DEEEEE-lish!”

Cashier-“What to drink?”


Dobie– “DIET cola, please!”


Cashier-“We have the 174 ounce ‘Ultimate Urinator’ size for only a nickel extra.”


Dobie– “Does it come with a catheter?”


Cashier– “That’s another .99, but only if you download our app.”


This is obviously exaggerated, but not by very much sadly.

Some call this “The Modern Diet”, and others “The American Diet”; either way, it is atrocious for us all! I cannot escape guilt, and admit that I ate this way for years without thinking about it. My lifestyle as a traveling entertainer had me constantly on the go with little to no time for planning a healthy diet or regular challenging physical exercise; although, that’s not completely true. I did not MAKE time, and I paid the price as a result. Like anyone else diagnosed with it, my diagnosis with type 2 diabetes was a game changer. At first, I was a fanatic about an ultra-rigid diet with ZERO room for flexibility. This does not work in practice–at least not for very long. Yes, I managed to reverse my type 2 through an over-the-top diet with exercise over a short period of time; however, I eventually found myself right back to where I was before. Throughout the years, I varied in my own degrees of consistency, but I am currently in the best groove I have ever been in, and I cannot see myself getting out of it. I have found a correct balance of self-motivation and community, and I discovered that nobody is ever able to do it alone for the long haul. Not only am I now at peace, I continue to embrace it and look to help others find the groove that I found. One point I find to be extremely important to share is that it is okay to eat what you like; however, it HAS to be done in moderation and not be the main staple of your diet! Without occasional treats, life is not worth living (at least I think so!). I also think that life IS worth living to the fullest, and that means that what might appear to be sacrifice is actually wise and effective health management! Counting carbs is crucial, and it can actually be a form of education as we learn to do it correctly! We can have that Greasy Burger, but maybe not the triple, and not nearly as often. Ditching the fries has a hidden benefit of ditching calories, carbs and any number of other can’t-do’s for diabetics, as the plusses far outweigh the negatives.


I can proudly say that from personal experience after years of trial and error, I have arrived at a place of perfection. Am I claiming to be perfect myself? No and I never will! What I am claiming is that I do well more than I do not, and I can treat myself if I want while also enjoying it. Another hidden benefit that I have found is that I found myself not craving it at all! Had anyone told me that even a year ago I would have laughed in their face, but now I am laughing with delight knowing that I have changed my life for the better. You can surely do this too, and I sincerely hope that you do as well! My friendly advice to you would be to start slowly, while always picturing the end result. Picture how you will be in six months, a year, six years, etc. at your ideal weight, in the best shape of your life and alive! I know that it may not seem easy, but nothing worthwhile in life ever is. I am living proof not only can it be done, but that it can also be fun to take care of yourself. Ditch the fries, and discover so many other foods that can change your life. If I can do it,  you can too!

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