Partying with Diabetes

Sami Parker

Hey everyone! Let’s get down to the topic that we have all been waiting for: partying with diabetes! Yes, I know that it’s a topic that parents do not want to hear or think about; however let’s face it, diabetes is not going to stop a diabetic from wanting to have a good night out! If you want to learn about diabetes and alcohol, check out the Just My Type episodes parts 1 & part 2 on alcohol and diabetes. Let’s get into some tips on diabetes management when going out to party:

  1. Stay away from sugary mixers, chasers, or drinks
  2. Be aware that alcohol metabolizes quickly and can cause low blood sugars 
  3. Make sure to eat a whole food complex carbohydrate, or protein/fat prior to drinking in order to keep your blood sugar steady and flat line throughout the rest of the night 
  4. Carry fast-acting glucose and also a complex carbohydrate in the case consistent lows continue to occur
  5. Measure out what you drink so you are aware of your limit
  6. Make sure you have a buddy with you and throughout the night in case of an emergency
  7. Do not drink to where you will not be coherent enough to check your blood sugar levels, or be able to be woken up by your diabetes alarms

Diabetes management is crucial to pay attention to when you decide to have a night out to party. Taking extra safety precautions will not do any harm to you, and will only prepare you for all of the potential worst case scenarios. 

Whenever I go out and about, my favorite cocktail of choice is a skinny margarita with no agave. It is only tequila, fresh lime juice, and sometimes club soda. I usually drink a maximum of three drinks whenever I go out. 

Stay safe and be smart!

C’est la vie, 


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