Dr. Diabetes Podcast Announcement!

Dobie Maxwell

Just when you thought that there couldn’t be another podcast about anything anywhere that hasn’t already been done, along comes Dr. Diabetes! Inspired by the steadily growing success of another diabetes-themed podcast “Just My Type” which is about all things diabetes related, Dr. Diabetes narrows it’s focus to dive deeper into the subject of diabetes with the help of a professional!

In the premiere episode, endocrinologist Dr. Domenica Rubino delved into exactly what obesity is, and how those with type 2 diabetes can manage or eliminate it! Dr. Rubino was a popular guest on the Just My Type podcast, but this format allowed her to reveal much more valuable and practical information for people to use! This episode was also hosted by Just My Type co-host Dobie Maxwell, who was himself diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011 and is a lifelong professional touring comedian, this is not meant to be a joke.

“There are a lot of things about diabetes that are anything but funny,” Maxwell says. “On Just My Type my co-host Sami and I keep things lighthearted and fun. I will here too to a degree, but it’s all about the professional educating the listener.”

It’s also about being able to focus more on a given topic that may be more valuable to either someone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes (or gestational and/or prediabetes)! The debut episode discusses type 2 diabetes specifically (Did you know that type 2 diabetics constitute approximately 90% of all people with diabetes?). Management of both primary types of diabetes can be different, yet still challenging at the same time; in this episode Dr. Rubino goes into detail about what can be done about obesity & diabetes with regard to maintaining proper a diet and exercise routine. 

Future episodes will feature other professionals that will cover the different types of topics pertaining to diabetes, and while there will still be an aura of fun and positivity, they will mainly information-heavy. 

Happy listening!

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