Just My Type of Walk Challenge

Written by JMT Pod Squad

Hello Just My Type listeners,  

Happy Spring! In celebration of the warmer weather, the Just My Type pod squad is challenging you to go on walks to get a taste of the warmer temperatures as well as promote healthy walking habits. During the month of April, we’re giving away $25 amazon gift cards every single week. Entering is easy – anybody who tags JMT on their social media with a picture of their step count or a picture of them during their walk will be entered in the weekly raffle drawing. Winners will be announced on JMT’s Facebook and Instagram story on Sundays, starting April 10th. The best part? Entries are unlimited, which means you could enjoy up to 7 walks per week, and increase your odds of winning 7x! 

Walking has SO many benefits, and we want all of our listeners to take advantage of them. A 15 minute walk before or after a meal increases your insulin sensitivity, preventing blood sugar spikes after meals. In addition to this, walking lowers your risk for various conditions including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and even type 2 diabetes. To hear even MORE benefits of walking, check out Episode 8 of the Just My Type podcast – Benefits of Walking

Invite your friends and family to join you on your walks. Nothing makes walking more enjoyable than talking to someone, or better yet, listening to other people talk! Listen to the Just My Type podcast during your walk and have Sami and Dobie with you the whole time. Listening to one full episode is the perfect amount of time to walk for!

Now’s the perfect time to go outside to get some vitamin D! Not only does it make your bones stronger, it makes you happier! The easiest way to get it, of course, is being outside. Get the most out of your walk by entering in our giveaway. Get up and get outside! We are so excited to see where your walks take you! Spring is officially here, so come out on a walk with your neighborhood diabetics Sami and Dobie on Just My Type of Walk.

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